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Hey, I'm Haley!

I write website content that helps B2C and B2B brands boost their online engagement and attract new clients. 

As a freelance writer, I get to help brands tell their stories. That is, in one sentence, why I love what I do. Finding ways to authentically connect with fans, followers, and customers is why content is my favorite marketing venue. 

In the same breath, we have to acknowledge that there is a lot of stuff out there in the online world —lots of fluff, empty promises, and mindless consumption.

I see my job as an opportunity to partner with brands who care about this issue, too.  The brands who are as intentional with their products and services as they are in the ways they market them. The brands who genuinely believe in what they're doing.

If you're looking for a writer who prioritizes authenticity as much as strategy, you've come to the right place.

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Why me?

Here's what you'll get with me as your freelance content writer:

  • A writer who cares deeply about words and finding the right ones to represent your brand

  • An experienced content marketer who stays up to date on trends and new practices

  • A fellow entrepreneur who knows it's my job to make yours easier

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When I'm not writing, you can find me...

  • Deep in research for my next adventure

  • Looking for a mountain to hike

  • Watching a National Geographic documentary

  • Probably letting my plants die

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