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The passions, projects, and perspectives blog.


Hi, I'm Haley.

Welcome to the Passions, Projects, and Perspectives blog, where we'll chat all things…well, I'll let you take a guess. I created this space with one central idea in mind: We are all multi-passionate and multi-faceted individuals who simply can't fit into one box.


As for me, I'm a marketing content writer by day, but I'm also an avid traveler, mediocre acrobat, and a Spanish-speaking third-generation American with Japanese heritage who loves the outdoors and learning about using neuroscience to rewire limiting subconscious beliefs. If you know of a box for that, let me know. 

If you're interested in topics related to entrepreneurship, travel, life lessons, cultural differences, marketing tips, and all of their points of intersection, I think you will find your place here.


I'm a big believer in conscious consumption, and I'm hopeful this space can be a source of inspiration and worthwhile learning. May the stuff we consume lead us to be more curious and creative humans.

- Haley

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