Hey, I'm Haley!

I believe we are at our best when being led by our curiosities— whether that be the curiosity to take a chance on a business idea or start an adventure across the world. Wherever our interests take us, we are are often accompanied by an internal struggle between a thirst for more and fear to keep us "safe." 

For me, the courage to allow myself to be led by curiosity rather than fear comes from the people and places across the globe that have stretched my way of being and elicited a kind of life-changing personal growth.

In Colorado, as determined as I was paranoid on my first solo hiking trip.

In Okinawa, face-to-face with my roots and family triumphs and suffering.

In Spain, where my Midwestern, read-between-the-lines politeness is met with frank candor.

I figured that while I’m in pursuit of living the best, most authentic version of my life, no matter where it takes me in the world, others might find some inspiration to do so, too.

So let’s chat all things adventure, conscious travel, cultural differences, cultural understandings, and learning to let our curiosities take us where they may. 

Happy travels!

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